Terms & Conditions For Local Dealers

By accessing and using Harrow Council's services through your Vendor Account (as defined below), you agree to the following terms and conditions and any policies, guidelines or amendments thereto that may be amended at any time (collectively, the "Terms"). If the law or our functionality changes and affects the services or deals on your Vendor Account, we may need to change these Terms or our program features. If at any time you do not agree with these Terms, or you do not agree to any modified Terms, then you must immediately stop using your Vendor Account and cease your participation in Harrow Deals Community Marketplace . Unless you have agreed otherwise in writing with Harrow Council, these Terms govern your use of our services through your Vendor Account. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the terms of a deal created or submitted via a Deal Request (or DR) through your Vendor Account, these Terms shall govern. You and Harrow Council may be referred to throughout these Terms individually as a "Party" and collectively as the "Parties".

Section 1: Definitions


Definitions. (a) "Deal Request" or "DR" is a request you submit to Harrow Council to create a Deal for inclusion in Harrow Deals Community Marketplace . The terms of the DR are specified and submitted by you in accordance with Section 3.1; (b) "voucher" means the paper voucher or electronic certificate that evidences a customer’s purchase of a Deal and contains the terms of, and unique redemption information for, such Deal; (c) a voucher's "Full Deal Value" means the full value of the voucher for which the holder of a voucher will be able to redeem it on or before the Promotional Value Expiration, and is equal to the sum of its Promotional.; (d) as applicable, a voucher’s "Promotional Value Expiration" is the date and time after which a voucher’s Promotional Value may no longer be used (unless otherwise required by law), (e) "Harrow Deals Community Marketplace Site" means, collectively, the Harrow Council website (harrow-deals.com) and other distribution channels owned, controlled or operated by Harrow Council or e-mails, mobile applications or other types of electronic dealings.

Section 2: Harrow Council Vendor Account


Vendor Account. In order to use certain services, you are required to be registered with the MyHarrow account.(your "Vendor Account"). Your Vendor Account will facilitate your use of various Harrow Council services and will allow you to provide and receive current and accurate, contact and other information pertaining to your relationship with us. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Vendor Account password, and are responsible for all activities that occur under such account. You agree to immediately notify Harrow Council of any unauthorised use of your password or Vendor Account or any other breach of security related to the Harrow Council Site. Harrow Council is not and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to manage your Vendor Account, including without limitation to regularly review the accuracy of your Deals and other information created on your behalf by authorised Harrow Council personnel. In addition to the other rights set forth herein, Harrow Council reserves the right to refuse service and/or access to the Harrow Council Site to you or any other Vendor at any time without notice for any reason. When using your Vendor Account and the Harrow Council Site directly, or indirectly via an authorised agent, to submit and manage other deals, you accept and comply with certain terms and conditions applicable to Vendors. Harrow Council may deal certain optional features or functionalities within your Vendor Account. If you choose to use such features, then you may be required to agree to separate terms that are specific to those features that will be disclosed and available at the time you elect any such option. You represent that you are of legal age to form a binding contract and have full power, capacity and authority to accept these Terms. If you are accepting these Terms on behalf of your employer or another entity, you represent that you have full legal authority to bind your employer or such entity to these Terms. If you don't have the legal authority to bind your entity, please ensure that only an authorised person from your organisation consents to, and accepts, these Terms.


Vendor account. The Account (in contrast to any individual user account you may maintain) where Vendors may directly, or indirectly through an authorised employee or representative, access information about past Deals that have run through the Program and manage Active Deals. You may use your Vendor Account to submit a request to launch a new Deal and suspend or stop a particular Active Deal.

Section 3: Program Participation And Your Deal


Creation of Deals. By participating, you shall define the conditions of, and may supply the content and images to describe and illustrate, your Deal and its terms, by completing and submitting, or authorising an agent to complete and submit, a DR through your Vendor Account. Submission of a DR does not obligate Harrow Council to accept the DR or any of its contents nor to promote the Deal, and is not binding on Harrow Council until Harrow Council actually promotes the Deal on the Harrow Deals Community Marketplace Site. At the point Harrow Council begins to promote your Deal to the public, the promotional Period begins and the Deal becomes an "Active Deal" during such promotional Period(s) unless Harrow Council earlier terminates the Deal for any reason. You are responsible and liable for all Deal content and terms, and for Harrow Council's or any deal requestors use or reliance on any of the foregoing. In creating your Deal, you may not: (a) deal to sell any goods or services on terms or in a manner that is prohibited by law from being dealt or advertised; (b) include any content that violates or infringes in any way upon the rights of others; or (c) include any material that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene, profane or otherwise objectionable, which encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any Law.


Promotion of Deals. If Harrow Council accepts your DR, Harrow Council may promote the Deal using any method and through any medium that Harrow Council deems appropriate in its sole discretion, including through e-mail, mobile applications and any other type of electronic interface or distribution channel owned, affiliated, controlled or operated by or through Harrow Council. Harrow Council further reserves the right, but has no obligation, to promote the Deal through its affiliates and third party business partners. Harrow Council will promote your Deal to Harrow Council customers and potential customers based on geographic or other geo-locational data, but will determine the customers and potential customers to whom your Deal is actually promoted and made available in its sole discretion. If you indicate specific limits or maximums with respect to the number or type of vouchers that may be dealt through a Deal in the DR, Harrow Council will use all commercially reasonable efforts to stop promoting your Deal accordingly.


Distribution of Vouchers. Once Harrow Council has a request to download a deal voucher, Harrow Council will authorise for use, and make a voucher available to, the requestor of your Deal. The vouchers will include any restrictions or limitations on the use of the voucher you have specified in the DR. Requestors, may then redeem the Deal by presenting their Vouchers to you as printed certificates, through their mobile devices, or any other media that Harrow Council has adopted for voucher redemption.


Responsibility for Deal and Vouchers. You acknowledge that you are the exclusive seller of your Deal and the issuer of the vouchers. You also are responsible and liable for: (a) the decision to make your Deal available through the Harrow Council services; (b) fulfilling your Deal with respect to all voucher holders; and (c) supplying all goods and/or services specified in the Deal.


Redemption Obligations. You shall comply with your obligations specified in these Terms, the DR and other obligations regarding the use of your Vendor Account. In addition, when redeeming vouchers, you shall: (a) honour the vouchers during the time period specified on, pursuant to the terms of, your Deal, and as required under applicable law(s); (b) handle all customer service in connection with the redemption and use of the vouchers; (c) honour any voucher presented by an individual, unless (i) otherwise specified in the Fine Print (as defined below) or otherwise stated prominently on the face of the voucher or, (ii) you reasonably believe that individual obtained the voucher in an unauthorised or illegal manner, in which case you shall immediately contact Harrow Council and explain the circumstances; and (d) comply with the terms and conditions stated on the voucher without modification and without imposing any restrictions or additional charges or penalties that are not expressly stated on the voucher. You shall specify all generally applicable policies (e.g., cancellation policies that apply to all customers), restrictions and contractual arrangements (e.g., liability waivers required for all customers) applicable to the Deal ("Fine Print") in the DR, and Harrow Council shall have no liability for the nature of your Fine Print or your failure to specify appropriate Fine Print.


You shall allow voucher holders to redeem any valid vouchers for the Full Deal Value until the promotion’s stated date and time of expiration. "Unauthorised Redemptions". Unauthorised Redemptions are your sole responsibility. You may not report redemption data for Unauthorised Redemptions, and Harrow Council will not pay you for Unauthorised Redemptions.


Other Programs; Expiration & Redemption. Harrow Council does not currently deal other Programs but if and as it does, these Terms will be updated accordingly.


Your Third Party Vendors. You may subcontract or delegate portions of your performances required by these Terms with respect to a particular Deal to a third party (each, a "Third Party Vendor"). If you subcontract or delegate to Third Party Vendors with respect to fulfilling such Deal, you will remain solely responsible and liable for (a) all your obligations, including financial obligations, under these Terms and (b) all acts and omissions of your Third Party Vendors. You shall require your Third Party Vendors to comply with all applicable restrictions and obligations imposed on you under these Terms, and you will be solely responsible for your financial and contractual relationship with your Third Party Vendors.


License to Your Content. You hereby grant Harrow Council a non-exclusive, worldwide, transferable, irrevocable, perpetual and sub-licensable license to use, copy, distribute, display and perform any trademarks, photographs, graphics, artwork, videos, sound clips, text, and other content or materials that you provide to Harrow Council in your Vendor Account or otherwise use to describe your Deal ("your Content") in any and all media or formats in connection with Harrow Council’s fulfilment of its rights and obligations under these Terms, including the promotion of Deals and distribution of vouchers.


Press Release. Harrow Council may, in its sole discretion, include you in any press release regarding the Deals described herein or identify you as a Vendor.

Section 4: Cancellation


Cancelling your vendor account: You may cancel your vendor account at any time however if this is done after 14 days of your subscription starting refunds will not be applicable. Cancelling before 14 Days of your subscription the below mentioned(4.2) Refunds policy will apply.


Refunds: For Annual package Refunds will not be made if it is cancelled after 14 days of your subscription. If cancelled within 14 days, then a refund minus one months subscription will be made.

There will be no refunds for Monthly Package subscription, if cancelled.